Safety & Maintenance

The Slammer Demolition Tool

The Slammer Tool is a sharp and heavy piece of equipment with the potential to severely injure. Follow these guidelines to use The Slammer safely.


Be aware of objects and cables underground. Always know before you start digging.

Use Eye Protection - Objects may become airborne when using the Slammer.

Use Ear Protection - The Slammer produces a loud repetitive noise (although the wool baffle reduces the noise significantly. If your Slammer tool is sounding like metal on metal, it's time to put in a new wool baffle.)

Wear Protective Footwear.

Wear Gloves Grip the upper section - Take care not to trap fingers or hands in between two parts.


 The Slammer Safety


When walking with the Slammer, pull out the inner bar and carry it in two pieces.


We recommend these steps to help your Slammer last a lifetime

  • Clean the Slammer regularly keeping it dry and free of dirt
  • Separate the inner shaft from the outer shaft and blade. Oil both parts of the Slammer regularly.
  • Use a file or grinder to keep the Slammer blade sharp.
  • The Slammer comes with a woollen noise-dampening baffle inside the shaft. This will need to be periodically replaced based on usage. You can use a 25cm x 3cm strip of a woollen blanket or purchase a baffle pack of 10 from our shop.
  • Under incredibly heavy loads, the Slammer may bend. In this case, it can easily be straightened. Find the apex of the radius and apply pressure in the opposite direction or take the tool to your local engineer.
  • Over a long period of use the Rammer bolts may need to be replaced. Make sure to replace with high-quality steel bolts.

See our User Manual for more information.

How To Videos

How to Straighten Your Slammer.

How to Attach the Rammer and Foot.


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