Construction Uses

Construction with The Slammer

Slammer tools can assist with many construction and demolition tasks, reducing costs, reducing strain and injuries and increasing efficiency and productivity. 

A number of job-specific Slammer tools and accessories are available:

  • Chisel Point Slammer for pilot holes, breaking concrete, splitting wood.
  • Tile and Ice Slammer One-sided 45 degree abrasion resistant steel blade for removing tiles, linoleum, ice and other hard to remove surface coatings. 
  • Side Marker Slammer for replacing roading side-markers and for loosening pegs and waratahs.
  • Peg Driver Slammer for driving in wooden pegs for foundations, constructions and pathways.
  • Rammer and Slammer Foot accessories as bolt-on attachments to the Slammer tool for ramming down soil, fence posts and converting the Slammer tool into a sledgehammer.


Use the Slammer Tool for demolition, particularly in tight areas where machinery cannot reach. The Chisel Point Slammer is best for breaking concrete and splitting wood.

Removing Tiles & Adhesive

The Slammer Tool works well for this, but even better is the Tile and Ice Slammer which has a straight, abrasion resistant steel blade with a 45 degree angle. The Rammer attachment with a 5mm flat piece of steel 6cm x 15cm blade at a 45 degree angle also works well to remove tiles and adhesives without scarring concrete.

Removing ice and hard-to-remove surfaces

The Tile and Ice Slammer works well for removing other hard-to-remove surfaces such as dried mud, effluent and linoleum.


The Slammer tool is great for putting in pilot holes for wooden pegs and boxing (and for getting them out without breaking them) and also for removing the boxing.

Tamping Down

The Rammer attachment with Slammer Foot is great for tamping/compressing areas in corners and tight spaces where you cannot get a vibrator/compressor.

The Chisel Point Slammer was designed specifically for pilot holes and breaking concrete.

Breaking Concrete

The Chisel Point Slammer works well for breaking concrete. However, the diamond shaped Slammer blade can also be used. It takes more effort than a chisel point but once the blade is in the crack it is very effective and quicker to use. The Slammer tool is good to use in conjunction with a concrete cutter to remove concrete accurately.

Roading and Civil

The Slammer tool works extremely well on asphalt to square up potholes for road repairs. It can also be used to dislodge curbing and remove form work. Attach the Rammer for a tamper in trenches and around services.

Replacing Roading Side Markers

The Side-marker Slammer was designed specifically for replacing side-markers and is good for loosening pegs and waratahs. Made with abrasion resistant steel blade.

Peg Driving

The Peg Driver Slammer is for driving in pegs for foundations, construction, pathways, etc. Always do a pilot hole for the peg.

Land Surveyors

Use the Chisel Point Slammer for going through asphalt and tough ground and as a pilot hole for the peg driver to put in survey pegs.