About The Slammer tool - Simple made strong


The Slammer is a multi-tool combining a sledgehammer impacting on a digging bar and an axe head.

The slide-hammer action produces force to the same spot again and again, focusing the energy to small, precise areas.

The heavy-duty, sharp, 5-sided blade cuts through roots, rocks and tough ground. Once sunk in the ground, rock the Slammer side-to-side to dislodge.

It's efficient, easy to use and less expensive than heavy machinery equipment or herbicide use.  

It's useful for working in tight spaces where machinery or other tools cannot be used. 

Slammer bullet points

How it works:         

The downward force of the inner bar slams the cutting blade through roots and tough ground more easily than using a conventional spade or digging bar. 

The user can keep an upright position and engage core strength to operate the Slammer. 

  • It can be used with accuracy and precision.
  • The five-sided blade - for slicing through tough root systems and rocking side-to-side to dislodge when sunk deep in the ground. 
  • Attachments like the Rammer and Slammer Foot are available for compacting/footings.
  • The inner bar can be used with other blade pipes in the Slammer tool range like the Tile and Ice Slammer or the Chisel Point.

Tool dimensions:

Total height 1385mm.

Blade width at widest point: 170mm

Blade height 245mm

Handle: 225mm

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