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I am an out-of-shape 53 year old with a history of shoulder problems. My Slammer tool arrived today, and I was able to remove two bamboo root balls, by myself, in under three hours. Hallelujah. The slammer tool turns you into a human pile driver. I keep my grip loose to make sure I'm using my legs and core and not my back or upper arms.

Jill Freidberg


My Slammer has done some serious work in the years I have had it. One of the best tools ever!

Craig Eddie - Monkey Man Tree Services Ltd, Waikanae, NZ.


I originally found out about the Slammer tool when I was researching how to dig up bamboo. I watched the videos and the relative ease with which bamboo was removed. After having broken many shovels, I wanted one! When it arrived I took it right out to the bamboo and began my fascination with the Slammer tool. It is the first tool I think of when digging, breaking up hard soil, removing rocks, bamboo, roots, large shrubs and even deck demolition! I've had neighbors, friends and family members borrow it after seeing how easy and effective it is at many jobs. The cover is also a great up-cycling idea that really works to protect it during travel. I love my Slammer tool! Thanks for making such a great product. 

Lynda Blelloch - USA


My partner bought me a Slammer at the Richmond A & P show today and when I got home I used it to remove nine grevillea stumps for the garden which have been causing her grief for over a year. No other tools were required. The Slammer took them all out in an hour without breaking my back!

Chris Hinkley, NZ.


 What a great tool! I've used it to isolate my clump bamboo and for removing tree roots from post holes. 

Dan Sullivan - USA


The Slammer - second to none for dividing and removing flax and yucca. Have successfully used the Slammer for digging post holes in tough, dry, rocky soil conditions. Great for foundation work, splitting stones and tree planting. Everyone should have one.

Greg Inwood, Landscape Gardener/Builder, NZ. 


 What a tool! I got inspired after selling our last two black bamboo and within 1/2 hour I had dug enough to make 10 new plants. The next job is to divide up a big clumping bamboo we cut down to ground level before it takes off again.

Chris Brown, President of NZ Bamboo Society.


We use the Slammer for chopping ice off the concrete decks around the base building. It's a great tool, easy to use, fast and efficient for ice removal.

Roscoe Davies, Field Operations - Treblecone Ski Resort, NZ. 


Great tool for fencing. Used it to pull my truck out. Goes everywhere with me now.

Martin Galley, NZ.


Very creative innovative tool that I can see being used many years down the line. Anyone working in the horticulture, industrial, landscaping business who haven’t heard of this tool when they do and get a taste of it they’ll be pleasantly surprised. I appreciate all of your responses and thank you for producing such a great tool.

Ryan Tilford - Horticulture Supervisor at the California Science Center Foundation



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