Removing Stumps with The Slammer!

For the last 23 years I have always been attracted to a challenge and for me it was always a bit like "I bet you cannot get that job done without lots of money and a big machine". For me that is game on. I will figure out a way to do it. Making hard, physical jobs easier is what I’m good at but when it comes to computers, well thats just plain scary for me. Soldier On! “Get with the times Slammerman”, is what I hear and it does nothing for me but tell me that I cannot do it and here I am.  So here we go.

This job was a bet that I could not remove 2 Douglas Fir stumps that were 40 years old. (Really nice trees, ah well, they needed to expand the parking lot). It was going to cost $500.00 for a digger to come and remove them. The digger driver bet me 2 crates of beer that I could not do it and went to his yard to get the digger. I got stuck into it, just to make things colourful the roots were in big rocks. I slammed and slammed until I got one side cut and dug out, then used The Slammer to push the stump into the area I dug and cut the roots on the other side. Got it out! The digger driver appeared with his big toy and I was on to the second stump and moving through it. When he saw the rocks and the roots he said “Glad it’s not my digger doing that”. Second stump out, cold beer in hand off to the lake for a swim.

This is why I love the tool I sell. After all I made it for me, not to sell commercially. Enough of you said you wanted one and now theslammer is born! We have had 3.5 years as and it was a great web site and lots of you loved it, so did I. I like things a bit quirky. The ultimate challenge for me was to join Facebook to post jobs of The Slammer (I am not a big fan of Facebook). I did and there is a lot of good info on it but you have to be a Facebook member, too much to ask if you ask me. So now I can post all that info on here along with new challenges, uses and the new tools we create. For me its all about making stronger tools that make hard jobs easier, safer and to empower the labour work force. The human resource is growing all the time. It makes the economy stronger, it benefits the environment and insures that you have a good night’s sleep and a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

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